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Forum news!

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Forum news!

Post  Achromia on Mon May 14, 2012 7:29 pm

Welcome everyone to the new Roleplaytalia forum!

First off, I want to thank everyone for moving over here from the old site... it was just too busy to stay up on the little space the site host gave us! OTL

Secondly, I wanted to make sure everyone knows all the lovely new features this forum has! To update your bio, simply go up to the profile area, and there will be several links up top, click them to go to the designated area, such as Info for all basic character info, and Bio is where the more lengthy things, like the 'about me' and history and whatnot.

You may have signatures, in the profile edit area, you can edit it. HTML is not allowed, but BBCode is.

There are picture galleries as well! Go to the portal, and on the navigation off to the side is where you can access them.

Feel free to participate in the chat down below, but be aware that it's OOC and IC chatting, and keep all forum rules in mind! Mods and Admins are always watching. -LE CREEPY STARE-

Also, please be sure to visit the rules thread that have everything you need to know about the forum, but if you need more help, first check the FAQ, and then you can PM the staff.

This forum, unlike the other site, has a money system! Yep! For every post you make, or reply to, you get Hetacoins~ Hetacoins can be used in the marketplace to buy member-made things, such as hatchable eggs you can wear in your signature!

We have blog features, but unfortunately, each user does not have a private blog at this time, all blog posts kind of merge together. You're free to do as you wish with them, they'd be particularly fun to make your character have their own blog.

Make sure to go over to the event thread and see what he have planned! If you go to the portal, you'll see that the calendar also has sitewide events marked. You can make your own events, too! Just post in the event thread and make sure to mark the date at the bottom.

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