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Ich bin das Preussen!

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Ich bin das Preussen!

Post  Preussen on Tue May 15, 2012 2:24 am

Yo! I'm Preussen, AKA the awesome admin, Achromia

I'm a pianist of 14 years, and an artist of... well, my whole life. I've done professional jobs for each, but have yet to make either of them into an actual career as of yet. In high school I had two years of art, I started in Art 1 junior year,and then was pushed into AP Studio Art 4 the following year, meaning I skipped 2 years and was shoved into a college course. I did have to do a portfolio, which consisted of 24 pieces, 12 of which were all on a specific topic, and I scored a 4, which is basically a 'B' on mine.

I love Gil, he and I have a similar personality, which makes him loads of fun to play, and I don't think I could ever just... stop RPing him. = 7=

PruIta is my absolute favourite pairing, but I also like NorIce, Itacest and sometimes a little FraGer. I absolutely loathe GerIta, but we won't get into that. = v= I respect everyone's opinions.

anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the forum, if you have any questions, feel free to message one of the mods or my Admin account, Achromia! \ o 7o/.


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