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Post  Achromia on Mon May 14, 2012 4:14 am

The marketplace is where your character can set up a shop to sell things and earn Hetacoins!

What kinds of things can you sell? Well, if you've got a creative thumb, you can do commissions, perhaps draw chibi's of characters or whatnot! Or you can even be commissioned to do fanfics!

Don't over or under price your merchandise! Currently, the economy is as thus:
- +1 Hetacoin per reply to any thread
- +3 Hetacoins per start of any thread except in The World
- +4 Hetacoins per start of any thread in The World

When making a new shop, it's advised, but not required to follow this template

Name of shop:
Description of shop:
Price guide:
To-do list: (name, what they want, price, Y/N paid)

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