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Adult content?

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Adult content?

Post  Achromia on Sun May 13, 2012 4:47 pm

-Adult content is /not allowed/ in public. There are minors here, and not to mention this is forum rules, and if we break these rules, the site could get shut down without further notice.

-There is a place you can request/search for adult RP's, but you must ask an admin or mod to upgrade you to the ability to see the area. Simply PM one of them and they will upgrade you if they see fit. However, if forever reason you seem too young, the staff may refuse to upgrade you. You may /not/ RP there, though.

-If your characters are getting affectionate in a public post, please 'fade to black' and continue in PM's, I mean... who would want to see that anyway? xD

-As for gore, if you plan on having a bit of blood, whatever, that's fine. Simply mark your topic with the appropriate rating, such as [M] for mature, but if you're gonna get nasty and have blood and guts everywhere, kindly take it to PM's, seeing as that could be a trigger to some people.


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